Home made Mint and Honey Lip Balm

Here is a simple yet effective way to keep your lips as well as other parts of your body from being dry and chapped.

Add one teaspoon of petroleum jelly in a bowl. Heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Mix in 3 drops of peppermint extract. Mix well. Pour in about one teaspoon of honey. Mix well. Add the mixture into a container with a lid. Let it set overnight. Leave the lid off. Test a little the next day. Apply with finger. If it has set sufficiently, it’s done. Put the lid on.


3 thoughts on “Home made Mint and Honey Lip Balm

  1. Hey there, love your blog!
    Great post! I appreciate the simple yet effective remedy you shared to prevent dry and chapped lips. I am curious, have you tried any other variations of this recipe with different extracts or ingredients?
    Charlotte 🌿 http://www.arvorlife.com 🌊
    With you from mountain to sea

    1. Yeah, I have tried a few other extracts, peppermint, lemon. In the future I’m going to try this with bees wax.

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